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What do you get when you combine the advantages of a proprietary platform, customizable workflow automation, integrations with the leading POS and loan origination systems, and a passion for helping lenders do better business? The Enterprise Platform, exclusively from Factual Data.

Lenders have unique processes to mitigate risk and provide a great borrower experience. We’re here to help make that workflow more efficient, by providing a comprehensive selection of services to suit your needs — and expert guidance on innovative credit reporting and verification options.

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A Full Suite of Tools for Mortgage Lending Professionals

Mortgage Credit Reports

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    Tri-Merge Credit Reports

    Get easy-to-read, simple-to-access credit data from all three credit repositories. Factual Data reports contain trended credit data — allowing you to analyze both where the consumer’s credit has been, and where it is currently. Tri-merge credit reports may also be ordered with useful upgrade options, including supplemental credit data.

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    Undisclosed Debt Monitoring*

    Receive automated monitoring of your borrower’s credit activity during the loan file process. Undisclosed Debt Monitoring can be ordered either automatically or manually, helping to save you time and effort. You’ll be alerted of new and undisclosed liabilities, which could have costly consequences for you as a lender.

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    Check your applicant’s credit score using a soft pull pre-qual report, before committing to the expense of a tri-merge report. Pre-Qualification can help manage downstream costs and has no impact on the consumer’s credit score. Using the Enterprise Platform, you can access data from all three bureaus, avoiding trigger leads to protect your initial lead investment.

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Credit Score Analysis Tools

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    Qualify more applicants and offer the most competitive rate and terms by helping applicants from every score range improve their credit score in under 30 days. The CreditXpertplatform leverages sophisticated predictive analytics to show you the improvement potential for each bureau. With just a couple clicks you can quickly generate highly accurate, detailed improvement plans that can be shared with your applicants.

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    Request a new credit score instead of waiting for your borrower’s current score to update. It can sometimes take a long period of time before a score is officially updated by credit bureaus. If you believe the score will change, it may be beneficial to seek an expedited rescore. We’ll work with you to determine the right documentation needed to revise the items in question.

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Mortgage Verification Tools

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    Identity and SSN Verification*

    Get reliable and complete verification of your applicants’ identity and Social Security number. With comprehensive checks, including address, linked identities, watch lists and more, you’ll have the tools to effectively verify your borrower's identity. Our time-saving automation features can help you enhance margins by reducing the need for manual reviews as well as application processing costs.

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    Tax Return Verification*

    Review applicants’ information quickly and easily using customizable automation workflows. Tax return verification within the automation workflow can help to reduce the need for manual review of the file.

Other Mortgage LendingProducts

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    Receive consistent data from skilled and credentialed appraisers. Each appraisal is approached with standards designed to deliver timely, unbiased reports. By anticipating the needs of underwriters and technical reviewers, we’re able to preemptively provide answers to the questions most likely to be asked.

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    Flood Zone Determinations*

    Use our services to help gain compliance with federal regulations for areas at greater risk for floods. With complete and reliable data to verify the need for flood insurance, you’ll receive comprehensive analysis of the property in question. Ordering is easy, and notices to borrowers are also available.

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    Risk Mitigation*

    Protect your business from misrepresentation of identity, employment and more. Customize your risk mitigation workflow to flag specific risk conditions that you designate, from consumer identity verifications, to address validation, and fraud alerts. You’ll also gain insight into the collateral and surrounding market regarding foreclosure activity, property characteristics, comparable sales and more.

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    Automated Valuation Models*

    Let our tech do the heavy lifting in the property valuation process. Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) are able to mimic the manual process used by human appraisers. Using one platform, you’ll be able to compare the results of various AVMs, helping to reduce the effort in cross-referencing multiple sources, and minimizing the potential for a “no-hit.”

*Service provided by an affiliate company of FactualData

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Welcome to the Enterprise Platform (2024)
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