Top 100 slice recipes (2024)

Everybody loves a Mars bar! In fact, they were recently voted the world’s second most popular chocolate bar - pipped at the post by Cadbury milk chocolate (personally, I think it was rigged!). So, it’s little wonder that when melted down with butter and mixed with rice bubbles, the result is amazing. This Mars bar slice recipe is our favourite as it has the sneaky addition of golden syrup, which gives the slice an extra buttery caramel flavour. Another reason we love this recipe is that not all the Mars bar is melted. Some is reserved, chopped and stirred through the mixture, upping the mars bar element and providing extra texture. Genius, right?

What is it about Australians and lemons? We can’t get enough of them in both sweet and savoury dishes. We Aussies love a slice too, so it’s little wonder that this lemon slice recipe comes in at number three of’s most popular slice recipes ever (pipped at the post by the ever-popular caramel and Mars Bar slices). In this easy lemon slice recipe, we use both the lemon rind in the base and the juice in the icing, resulting in a bright and zesty taste that just sings in your mouth. Combine these lemony feels with our other favourites, condensed milk and buttery granita biscuits, and we have an Aussie classic for the ages. Why has this easy, no-bake lemon slice recipe become famous?This no-bake lemon slice recipe is perfect for a lunchbox, afternoon tea or just a sweet treat all year round. So few ingredients, such simple steps and foolproof, delicious results! Yum.If you’re looking for morning tea ideas to surprise and delight, you might also like to try our gluten-free lemon slice, or find even more inspiration from our collection of best-ever lemon slice recipes, which includes healthier lemon slice recipes and blueberry lemon slice variations too. Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester

Whisk away the weekend with these delicious choc-inspired slice classics!

Often, I find myself wondering, “Why are Australians so obsessed with slices?” but then I’ll make this chocolate caramel slice recipe and remember exactly why.Why is this our best caramel slice recipe?The buttery biscuit base, rich and gooey caramel filling, and that layer of delectable chocolate on top - I’m drooling just thinking about it. No wonder it’s a staple at school fetes and a firm favourite of anyone with a sweet tooth (in fact, some of our readers have been making this recipe for more than 15 years!). Despite the universal appeal of chocolate caramel slice, we understand people have certain preferences regarding the thickness of each layer. And of course, no slice recipe is complete without sweetened condensed milk, and this slice delivers on the condensed milk front. Then, met with chocolate topping? It's match that's meant to be.Some readers like to double the quantities of the chocolate or caramel layer, or you could even use a smaller slice pan (just keep in mind this will affect cooking time). Of course, one of the reasons this caramel slice recipe is so popular is how easy it is to make - we even have bakers as young as 10 whipping this one up. Easy, delicious chocolate caramel slice ready in under an hour? Yes please. This really is a great recipe. It's absolutely delicious!While this recipe is our favourite chocolate caramel slice recipe, we have plenty of other caramel slice recipe variations to choose from (I mean, just look at this espresso caramel slice, coconut caramel slice and macadamia caramel slice!)And, for something different, try our irresistible lemon slice recipe next!Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Recipe Tester and Food Writer

Use a clever shortcut to create these baked golden slices filled with warm apple, sour cream and cinnamon.

What do you get when you combine an Anzac biscuit with a slice? These delectable treats, perfect for tea-time indulgence!

For many of us, jelly is a treat that’s often left behind with our childhoods – alongside the likes of Barbies, The Wiggles and long division. And yet, this refreshing, brightly hued, wobbly dessert need not be relegated to the category of kids’ party treats. Why should kids have all the fun? In fact, we think this playful jelly slice recipe is grown-up enough that it’ll please adults and children of all ages. This one came to us from Taste member ‘bird55’.Made up of three simple layers (a buttery biscuit base, a lemony condensed milk centre and a raspberry jelly top), this no-bake slice is easy to make and easier to eat – just ensure you allow enough time to chill and set each layer.The grown-up jelly fun doesn’t end at the simple yet delicious jelly slice: we have plenty of jelly recipes adults will adore. From a pretty-in-pink rosé jelly and vanilla tart to our Aperol spritz jelly shots, and from a tropical pina colada jelly slice, to a show-stopping rhubarb, strawberry and gin jelly, these passionfruit and prosecco jelly cups, and a layered Singapore sling jelly cake. There’s even a beetroot jelly cheesecake, if you’re feeling adventurous.And, come Christmas time, our jelly-filled trifles are go-to desserts to please a crowd. Indecisive? Become inspired by our gallery of jelly slice recipes to find your ideal treat.Additional recipe notes by Sonya Gellert, Recipes Editor and Food Writer

With the crunch of rice bubbles and sweet pop of cherries all bound together in a creamy white chocolate, our favourite white Christmas recipe is a no-bake, one bowl wonder.Let’s face it, here in Australia no matter how much dreaming we do we’re never going to have a snowy white Christmas. Never to be defeated, we created our own way of celebrating the frosty weather with our Northern Hemisphere friends.Why is this such a great white Christmas recipe?The thing that sets our favourite white Christmas recipe apart from the others is that we use white chocolate to bind the mixture together. Original recipes use copha which is a hydrogenated fat made from coconut oil. While there was always a block in our fridge growing up – after all you never know when you’re going to make a batch of chocolate crackles, it has fallen out of favour in recent years. The white chocolate makes a lovely substitute and you still get that wonderful coconut flavour from the desiccated coconut.White Christmas makes a great edible gift. Simply wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon or place in a decorative box.Other edible Christmas gifts include shortbread, rocky road, caramel fudge and nougat.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester.

This is the most popular rocky road recipe on Made with just a handful of ingredients, it's so easy to prepare and makes for a wonderful food gift for Christmas or Easter (or a sweet treat any other time of year!) Like all classic rocky road recipes, this one is made with chocolate and marshmallows, but also contains macadamias, raisins and buttery shortbread chunks. Top tip: slice this one while still in the pan rather than removing then chopping.

Make five-star jam and coconut slice with just a few simple ingredients. It will become a lunchbox favourite with the kids!

The bake-sale classic gets a fun makeover with slices that are a cut above the rest!

Along with neenish tarts, chelsea buns and scones, vanilla slice competes to be the queen of Australian country town bakeries. And it may just win.For unlike these other treats that are based in English culinary tradition, vanilla slice seems to be completely ours. With the contrasting textures of crisp pastry, thick silky custard and powdery icing sugar, this sweet snack always hits the spot, whether eaten elegantly with a dessert fork accompanied by a cup of tea or just going in – hand held – allowing the custard to ooze and the icing sugar to puff up your nose. With our recipe for custard slice, there’s no need to go on a road trip to feast upon this classic sweet.Why is this our best vanilla slice recipe?One of the reasons we love this vanilla slice recipe is that it uses store-bought custard powder for ease, but then you spruce it up with fresh vanilla bean, a good dollop of butter and then egg yolks to enrich it even further, making it both simple yet rich and elegant. Serving eight, this is the perfect recipe for street stalls or school bakes or just for a lovely afternoon tea with family and friends.If you adore vanilla slices as I do, you might just love our super-sized version, this passionfruit take on the classic, or this apple and vanilla slice.Additional recipe notes by Alison Adams - Food Writer and Recipe Tester

Transform Weet-Bix into this easy chocolate and coconut slice. It makes the perfect recipe for a bake sale, party or afternoon tea.

This slice is quick and easy to make, so let your children help! Coconut and chocolate are a great partnership.

Top 100 slice recipes (2024)
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