Invitation Homes Maintenance Portal (2024)

1. Maintenance service requests

  • ProCare

  • Submit a request for home maintenance through our convenient maintenance portal or download the Invitation Homes Maintenance app.

2. RSP - Maintenance Portal

3. Tenant Tools - Invitation homes

  • The simple way to report any faults or maintenance issues online. Submit ... Portal · Request for Access to Record · Outcome of Request and of Fees Payable ...

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4. [PDF] Welcome Home! - AWS

  • Create maintenance requests between our scheduled visits through our convenient online service portal at To create your ...

5. RSP - Lessen

  • Sign in with Invitation Homes. - Maintenance Service Portal - ?2024 Lessen, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  • CAH

6. Invitation Homes: Tenants Say Rental Homes Poorly Maintained, Violate ...

  • 13 mrt 2018 · Payment Portal Lockouts, Changed Survey Ratings, Ongoing Maintenance Issues. Invitation Homes and its predecessor, Waypoint, sent tenant ...

  • Tenants who lease houses from Invitation Homes, a leader in the single-family rental industry, are deceptively put into dwellings with...

7. Property Maintenance Solutions | Deliver Assets to Market Faster

  • Property maintenance solutions and SMS Assist by Lessen, links owners to a network of professionals for quality projects with a quick turnaround.

8. Attorney General Bonta Announces Settlement with Invitation Homes ...

  • 8 jan 2024 · ... housing laws. Members of the public are encouraged to visit DOJ's Housing Portal and HCD's website for more resources and information aimed ...

  • OAKLAND — California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced a settlement with Invitation Homes to resolve allegations that the company violated the California Tenant Protection Act (TPA) and California’s price-gouging law by unlawfully increasing rents on approximately 1,900 homes. As part of the settlement, Invitation Homes will pay $2.04 million in civil penalties and is required to take specific actions to ensure compliance with California law.

Invitation Homes Maintenance Portal (2024)
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